Cross to the Nintendo Switch.


Abby Avery

In this photo, Animal Crossing New Horizon is featured on the Nintendo Switch.

By Abby Avery, Reporter


The Animal Crossing series has come a very long way since its debut in 2001 on the Gamecube. 


It started out as just a simulation where you can talk to animals and do the task as the newcomer in town. It was able to use months and holidays in real-world time. In 2005 the next game was Wild World for the Nintendo DS.  The next game was City Folk on the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Next in the series was a new leaf on the Nintendo 3ds. Another Animal Crossing 3D game was  Happy Home Designer. Next was Amiibo Fest on the WiiU. There is also a Free mobile game called Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. And now we have Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo switch. 


Animal Crossing New Horizon has more to offer than other games in the past. The graphics are cleaner and more polished. The controls are more fluent and feel like you are more in control.


This series will help with the concepts of money and strategy. You have to pay debts and have to buy items to help you, so you need to make a plan and budget your money. You will have to strategize needs vs. wants. It can help people learn about managing their priorities and their money. Another fun feature is that there is an actual ATM where you can make deposits and withdrawals. There are shops where you can spend your money to buy materials to build things, you can buy items for a garden. You can also buy clothes and accessories for your character.  These are life skills people need to learn in the real world. 


Another fun thing is the animals in the game; there are a variety of animals who do “the work,” like make the clothing, deliver the mail, run the shops, etc. The animals make it fun and it feels more like a fantasy game because you’re using animals instead of humans. You are the only human playing the game. For someone with anxiety, and who is an introvert, this takes the pressure off playing with other people. It makes it more enjoyable. You can play at your own pace and have time to think about your next strategies for the game.