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Spartan Singers perform at Fairlawn

Spartan singers line up to take pictures after performing at Fairlawn. Lined up at the ice cream social.

On Sept. 13 Spartan Singers advanced choir ensemble, directed by Timothy Delnay sang at the annual Ice Cream Social at Fairlawn Mansion. Delnay is a new director to the district.


This was the first year the choir has participated in this large event. As well as the first year Delnay has been teaching at the Superior School District.


“This is very quick for their first performance especially with this being my first year here and normally I would like to ease into it,” Delnay said 


When informed that Jennifer Robbins would be leaving the District, orchestra director Amy Echiers was asked to be the faculty member on site at this event before Delnay was hired. A string group from the orchestra was also supposed to play at the event before it got postponed. But due to the cooling fall temperatures they had to decline because it wasn’t good conditions for the instruments. 


Both Echiers and Delnay believe that this was a great opportunity for the Music Department to get out into the public and remind people that the music program is still there and that high school students still care about music.


Many of the spartan singers said they enjoyed doing this outing with the choir and would do it again if they could next year. 


They performed many different types of songs to try and target many different age groups so everyone had something they could enjoy. The songs they sang included “fun, fun, fun” by the Beach Boys, “Im a believer” by Smash Mouth,  “ Sixteen tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford, and “Lovely day” by Bill Withers.


 “I think the songs were a lot of fun to learn and sing with the choir and I really liked them,” sophomore Olivia Wolbert


If given the opportunity the music department  will most likely be participating in public events again, hopefully getting other music groups and more choir students involved in the public.

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    Deborah BowersOct 5, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    This is nothing less than Amazing