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Submission & Comments Policy

  1. Submissions to the website can be made by emailing one of the advisers: Elise Hintzman- [email protected] or Christa Kalin – [email protected] A copy can also be dropped off in the media room (Rm. 2115) during school hours.
  2. Please include name, grade, and a phone number or email for an editor to contact the submitter.
  3. The Spartan Staff and Advisers reserve the right to decline any submission or part of a submission. An effort by a student leader will be made to contact the submitter with an explanation in such cases.
  4. Comments to stories are welcome, but will be vetted to be deemed school appropriate before posting. Anything libelous or attacking another student or staff member will not be permitted.
  5. If the veracity of the identity of the source or the source’s information is in doubt, the piece may not be published.
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Submission & Comments Policy