The Spartan Spin

Editorial Policy

  1. It is the goal of The Spartan Spin to:
    1. Seek the truth and report it as fully as possible
    2. Act independently:  The public’s right to know should be the only influence.  The paper should not be obligated to any outside influence.
    3. Minimize harm:  Treat everyone as human beings deserving respect
    4. Be accountable:  Abide by standards, expose the unethical practices of others, and admit mistakes and correct them.
  2. The Spartan Spin will always corroborate stories with sources. If a controversial quote cannot be confirmed, it will not be used.
  3. Reporters will report on activities they are not involved in, to avoid bias, whenever possible.
  4. Anonymous sources will not be accepted unless the Editor-in-chief or adviser has given permission in advance.  In extreme cases, anonymity is needed for the sake of privacy and sensitivity for the source. These cases should be kept to a minimum to ensure the objective accountability and credibility of The Spartan Spin.
  5. It is important that the staff builds a level of trust with sources in the community. This means that sources must be updated when changes in stories in which they are involved occur. These cases include when a piece is cut from the paper, when any controversial angle is being taken, or when an angle is changed since the source was last contacted.
  6. When a story is updated, the new date will be posted as an “update” date, along with the original posting date. The reason for the update will be listed.
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Editorial Policy