Climate change


Junior Emma Bradley

By Emma Bradley

From drastically rising sea levels to polar bears dramatically losing weight, climate change can be seen almost everywhere. Climate change is a topic often discussed with today’s youth, as the issue is seen to be the responsibility of our world’s young people. It’s something most youth feel that they’re supposed to fix.  

The active problem of climate change is very frightening on its own. However, when including the constant news updates of death and irreversible damage done to the planet, it’s increasingly more concerning to see the lack of progress.

Due to the active threat our world is under, it’s not surprising to see that a high percentage of students are actively interested in this dilemma. Many students show their concern in small ways, like using reusable items such as water bottles and metal straws. Some, like myself, want to actively participate in acts seen on a slightly larger scale, like the Sept. 20 climate strike at City Hall in Duluth.

The event took place at 11:30 in the morning. To draw attention to the event, students boycotted school to attend the event. Many students gave speeches regarding climate change and their plans for action.  However, some just spontaneously spoke since attendees were encouraged to stand up and tell their stories unfiltered.

Overall, the concept of recycling and reducing waste was heavily emphasized at the event.  Recycling is one of the best and easiest activities that can be done to help the environment in a world-wide way, even though it can seem very small scale. As well, even though it’s difficult for some people financially, eating a more plant-based diet helps the environment flourish. Shopping at stores that obtain food and other goods locally is also extremely beneficial.

The most important thing our youth can do to help this ongoing issue is to stay educated.  Being in the know and aware of the disasters is upsetting for most, but it’s beneficial to know how to help keep our world alive.  

Staying active and speaking up about strong topics is frightening, however it’s necessary if our planet and our species is to live.