Take PRIDE in your work


Submitted By Jayme Ivy

Spartan Spin Reporter Jayme Ivy sits behind the desk of the Northern News Now studio in Duluth, Minnesota, for a practice anchor read on Dec. 28, 2022.

By Jayme Ivy, Reporter

As a queer youth with a strong passion, nothing makes someone like me happier than knowing that there are people just like me that I can look up to and I can feel represented by. If you couldn’t tell already, have a super strong passion for journalism. Anybody who knows me at this point probably associates me with that passion alone.

There’s something you may not know about me, however. It’s something personal that I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with sharing with people over time and is something I’ve come to realize is just a part of who I am. I identify as a queer youth – I’m trans, pan, and go by she/they pronouns. But what does this have to do with my journalism passion?

Something that always made me nervous when I first started delving into the world of journalism was the thought of “are there going to be people out there just like me? Are there other queers out there who share the same passion as me? Are there going to be people just like me who will stand by me, and support my passion as well as advocate for me?”

I initially expected when I was younger to be putting up with attacks left and right simply based on who I am and how I express myself. It was a pretty big fear at first, but then as I began to get fully immersed in the business, including job shadowing, where I got to meet many journalists first-hand, the fear began to subside as I realized that my prediction was wrong.

To my absolute surprise, when I began to meet professionals out in the field, I met a ton of journalists just like me. They too were queer and had a (say it with me) passion for journalism! Not only that, but they’re also vocal advocates for the LGBT community, which is something big and personal I share. Out of all the surprises early on when I was figuring out this passion, nothing could have put a bigger smile on my face.

To explain my current mindset a little bit more, let’s come to the present day. We’ve all been seeing the way that gay and trans people have been targeted and blatantly attacked in modern events and legislature. Some of us in the LGBT community have experienced it first-hand. But, I want to be an example that the people who hate you for being you don’t matter at all. As long as you have that passion inside you, regardless of what anyone thinks of you, you can do absolutely anything.

If you are a part of this wonderful community and have a strong passion for something, reach out to people who are not only sharing the same passion, but are also part of the community. I guarantee you that you’ll never find a better mentor. You’ll get the BEST insight and advice you’ll ever need for this passion.

Spartan Spin Reporter Jayme Ivy makes a heart with her hands as she poses in front of a transgender pride flag, (left) and a pansexual pride flag in her bedroom early Thursday morning, June 1, the beginning of LGBT Pride Month. (Jayme Ivy)

Finally, with my journalism passion, of course I not only want to deliver the most important news to my community and keep them in the loop, but when I am officially working in the field, I want to be a part of the group that is not afraid to reach out to young queer aspiring journalists like me and tell them that no matter how you identify, no matter what pronouns you prefer, no matter who you love, you can do it. On one final note, Happy Pride Month. You’re beautiful, you’re valid, and you matter.