A New Generation of Heroes

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A New Generation of Heroes

By Gabriel Sexton, Reporter

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The days of Boy Scout superheroes that can do no wrong and heroes who stand for nothing but truth, justice and the American way are waning. People want to see heroes who do things maybe not the right way but they do the right thing inevitably.Marvel has produced two movies unlike any other. The next part of these twists, New Mutants, is coming in April. It is being billed as the first superhero horror movie With faces coming out of the walls the trailer was truly terrifying.

In the meantime while the public ooos and aaaaaas at the New Mutants’ trailer be sure to check out Deadpool and Logan the most recent of these twists. Both are R rated for good reason, being about as violently thrilling  as they are exhilarating.

Deadpool was the first R rated superhero movie ever and was a big gamble to see if the public would accept it. People did and it went on to be revered as one of the best comedies of 2016. To put it squarely Reynolds was born to play the psychotic merc with the mouth.This movie is far and away the funniest superhero movie on the market with some of the raunchiest jokes in movies.

When Wade Wilson finally at least has a “commercial-like break” of happiness, he finds out he has cancer. In order to save himself and protect the women he loves, Vanessa, he enlists in a sketchy program that thinks they can give powers to Wilson and cure his cancer. What ensues is a blood-fueled search for the man in charge of this program.

At the center of this story is love, revenge, and most of all comedy, this movie invokes a whole flood of emotion. What’s truly cool about this movie is how it masterfully breaks the 4th wall  Even though it was rated R it was marketed towards teens in high school and a lot of teenagers went to it and absolutely loved Deadpool’s debut on the silver screen.

Logan focuses more on character development rather than comedy and 4th wall breaks. For that reason specifically Logan is in talks to receive an Oscar nomination. We see an ailing Wolverine in a post-mutant future caring for an end of the road Professor X played by the mesmerizing Patrick Stewart. With them is an albino with mutant tracking skills named Caliban (Stephen Merchant).In Hugh Jackman’s swan song, Wolverine no longer is the best at what he does, that award goes to his daughter, X-23, or Laura played by emerging star Dafne Keen.

In order to avoid the problems that come with being a hero Logan is reduced to being an uber and while on the job in a depressing town just north of the Mexico border he meets what essentially is his daughter. This sets him on a journey to North Dakota in order to save her from Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce and his bounty hunters the Reavers, who are employed by Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) who created Laura. It should be noted that Jackman’s performance is phenomenal, for all intents and purposes Jackman is the Wolverine be it the unstoppable killing machine he was or the end of the line limping alcoholic who regards his own story as “ice cream for bedwetters”.