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Travis Herrboldt: The Odd Ball

Gavin Rivord
Coach Travis Herrboldt (left) helps fix sophomore Maverick Warring lacrosse head on the bench of the NBC Sports Complex on May 6, 2024. Herrboldt has a unique relationship with his players.

I came back to superior from a two week trip in Mexico and was just dreading doing school, doing sports, doing anything. That Monday at school was actually decent, but I was really dreading having to run during lacrosse practice. Little did I know, I would meet someone special. Boys lacrosse assistant coach Travis Herrboldt is a young guy who is strict like a coach. He understands what being a high schooler means, especially when you are a senior.

Coaching in general is a challenge, but coaching high school boys is a whole different story. For Herrboldt, it hasn’t been as much of a challenge, as he actually found it harder to separate himself from coach and friend.

“It’s hard being 23 years old to not joke, laugh while still maintaining authority and to be able to tell a large group of kids what to do,” Herrboldt said.

Herrboldt is influential to me because not only is he a coach, but he is our friend who we can trust and count on to support us.

Travis Herrboldt smiles for a selfie in his vehicle on his way to practice. (Photo Submitted by Travis Herrboldt)

“Outside of practice times and before games I like to be one of the boys, but when it comes to practice and the game I like to get down to business and be the leader that the team needs in order to perform,” said Herrboldt.

Sophomore Kaden Covill has felt the impact of Herrboldt’s coaching philosophy.

“It’s nice not having just another coach like all the others, but with him he’s just another friend just eight years older,” Covill said.

In his first year of coaching, Herrboldt has made an imprint on all of the athletes he has crossed paths with, especially me.

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