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Prom committee presents preview

Taylor Schultz
Juniors (from left to right) Addison Olson, Aubree Munich, Carissa Vagt, Paige Johnson, and Arianna Robillard discussing decorations for Junior Prom. The prom committee itself is a club that meets in Mrs. Soderstrom’s and Mrs. Wells’ office every Thursday.

Spring is right around the corner and so is the 2024 Junior Prom. This year, prom committee is giving Spartans a never-before-seen inside view of the inner workings of the prom planning process.


Junior Prom is set to take place on April 27 from 7:30-10:00 p.m. at the YellowJacket Union. Tickets are going to cost the same as last year, with individual tickets priced at $30 and couple tickets at $50.


According to junior Addison Olson, the prom committee is in charge of more aspects of the prom than students might think. 


“We decide on the theme, of course. We find out what we want to serve at the Yellowjacket Union. We figure out the decorations together, and look at DIY things to save money,” said Olson.


Olson, with the four other student committee members and two teacher members, are working to make a night students will never forget. But, how exactly does the prom committee decide on anything? Olson feels it’s much simpler than one may think.


“We grab different prom magazines and we go through them. And then when we find something we like we bookmark it. We take all of the bookmarked items and then we decide what we want. It has to be on theme and within the price range. All collaborative, no voting,” says Olson.


When everyone does not agree on something, all it takes is a simple no.


“There haven’t really been disagreements per say, we just talk about what we like and what we dislike. We found crowns for prom king and queen, and just said, no, that’s ugly.” said Olson.


The prom designing process is extremely straightforward when all the members are on the same page in an environment where everyone gets to weigh in on everything. The only true limit of the prom committee is their budget. PE Teacher Krista Soderstrom shares her expertise.


“Our budget is based off of ticket sales, or selling a certain amount of tickets. What we’re trying to do is cover our expenses. Probably spend right around six to seven grand, but UWS is $3,000 in food and beverages, and $1000 to rent the space as a deposit,” said Soderstrom.


That’s not all, as Soderstrom also said that “We pay for the DJ, and try to stay around $1500 for decorations. Basically our goal every year is to sell enough tickets to cover.”


Designing and finalizing the Junior Prom, though not as complicated as one might expect, is an important job undertaken by the prom committee to create an amazing experience for all those that choose to take part in that special night. 

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