Girls golf duo ends season with successful swing


Submitted by Brynn Johnson

Junior Autumn Cooper (right) and sophomore Brynn Johnson (left) pose together after receiving rewards after making the all conference team on Sept. 20.

By Alexcis Hoskins, Reporter

On Oct. 4 junior Autumn Cooper and sophomore Brynn Johnson both went to golf sectionals. Autumn qualified to go to sectionals with a 94 and Brynn qualified with a 96, the team as a whole went 8-1 in the Heart of the North conference. 

“It’s a pretty cool experience to get to play against a lot of great golfers. It’s fun to have the fun experience of driving down there and getting to play one more meet,” Cooper said. 

Autumn placed 33 of 48 and Brynn placed 24 out of 48.

Autumn has been playing all of high school, Brynn on the other hand has been playing ever since she was little.

“Overall, I’m excited and encouraged as we are still improving and even bigger things are coming for the Spartans,” Golf Coach Ed Willie said.

Cooper said a great goal is making it to sectionals every year Johnson says her goal is to break 100 for 18 and 50 for every nine holes. 

“Take it one hole at a time, stay focused, don’t worry about it, do better on the next one, ” Johnson said.

Overall the team has had a very successful season.

Junior Autumn Cooper (right) and sophomore Brynn Johnson (left) pose together at the Mill Run golf course on Sept. 29. (Submitted by Brynn Johnson)