Seniors miss spring sports


Matt Nault

Junior Matt Nault hits a golf ball on North 9 at Nemadji Golf Course May. 13. Nault has been hitting the greens every day the course has been open.

By Matt Nault, Reporter

Due to COVID-19 students of all high schools and colleges have been stripped from playing their first or last season at their school. For me I will be missing my Junior year of golf with my team. It is a very important year for me, as junior year is known as a “recruiting year.”

We had a very good team this year and I was looking forward to our chance to go to state. I totally feel the pain of the seniors who can’t play their last year, but now I have to work harder than ever to get college golf coaches’ attention.

Since there will be no season for golf I will have to play in a lot of tournaments this summer to showcase my potential and will have to pull together a really good senior season in order to get to the college of my dreams.

A lot of seniors are feeling like they are missing a piece of their high school memories as playing a sport in high school can create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.  

Senior Gunnar Hansen feels the pain like no other. Gunnar has been preparing for his baseball season by lifting and batting during the winter.

“It’s very sentimental because our team worked hard in the off-season to accomplish our goal: state,” said Hansen.

Senior TJ Sitek wanted a run at state this year for golf with his team but the virus put a stop to his plans.

“I was looking forward to golfing this spring. We had a great team with a lot of potential. I’m bummed I couldn’t finish my senior year, but I’m excited for the future and thankful for all the staff and coaches that helped me along the way,” said Sitek.

It doesn’t seem fair and it isn’t. In my opinion I feel like Seniors should get a chance to play their sport in the summer if they choose. I also feel that they should still be able to play for a state championship as well because what’s the point of playing a sport if there is nothing to play for?