Making the Cut


Andy Wolfe

Principal Rick Flaherty cuts a ribbon last Wednesday evening in the Commons to formally honor the new high school that was built between 2017 and 2019. During the open house, the music department performed, leaders gave speeches and student council members gave tours.

By Alexa Dembroski, Reporter

“It wasn’t just the contractors building the school. It was the staff and students as well,” said Superior High School treasurer Julie Rozowski. 

At a ribbon cutting ceremony last Wednesday night at the high school, school district leaders thanked contractors, staff, and students for their support and dedication to education through all the trials of building a new school over the past three years. Over 400 community members, from babies to grandparents, gathered in the Spartans Commons to celebrate the completion of the school. 

The open house kicked off with with hotdogs and cookies to greet the incoming guests. With the school’s choir, band, and orchestra playing, student council members gave tours of the year-old building to visitors, many of whom were either alumni or retired faculty members. District Administrator Amy Starzecki, Principal Rick Flaherty, and student council president Noah Lear, among others, gave speeches from a mobile stage and podium erected in the Commons. 

“I just thanked the community and the school district for the beautiful building,” Lear said the next day. “I just thought how lucky I was while I was next to Mr. Flaherty while he cut the ribbon. It could only happen once.”