Construction stinks up the commons


Pheonyx Wittkopf

Construction workers move work to the end of the gym hallway and continue painting on Jan. 8, the smell that students were greeted with on Monday moves with them.

By Autumn Wolter, Reporter

Yesterday, Jan. 7, students were greeted into the school with a strong smell of primer spray. Most students, responding to a Spartan poll on Jan. 7 thought the smell was either new paint(46.67%) or primer spray(36.67%). Construction workers had used primer spray on Saturday, Jan. 5 to prepare the ceiling of the addition to the Spartan Commons for paint. Although the spray was used on Saturday the smell was strong enough to still be around two days later. According to Steve Olson the exhaust system was used in full capacity to clear out the smell the rest of the day. He also said that the school was assured multiple times throughout this project that the odor is not harmful and will dissipate over time.