Familiar face takes being a head coach head on


Addison Aker

New Coach, Evan Nelson Skating at Practice Wessman arena, Nov. 18

By Patrick Semborski, Reporter

This year, boys hockey is skating their way to a state championship with new coach and possibly familiar face, Evan Nelson. Nelson has been coaching hockey since 2009, coaching youth league and worked himself up to volunteering with the hockey team in 2015.

Senior Captain Carson Gotelaere had Nelson as a coach all through high school and has been impacted by the influence of Nelson as a coach.

“He always is giving us advice about what to do and what not to do on and off the ice,” Gotelaere said.

Nelson is passionate about developing the skills of his players. He encourages good behavior for the players’ athletic lives as well as home and school lives.

“The biggest thing is character development. We are using hockey as a tool to create good adults,” Nelson explained.

Nelson also values uniting the community and plans to make a larger impact on youth sports than past years. Nelson, practicing youth league coaching for many years knows the importance of being active in youth sports.

Nelson and the boys have big aspirations and goals about the upcoming 2022- 2023 season, ultimately winning the state championship.

The Spartans are on the road November 25th battling it out at Eau Claire Memorial and it is safe to say that when the puck drops the boys are in good hands with coach Nelson.