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Jim Hogan: The Classic Wanderer

Kieran Vernon
Hogan poses in front of his classroom with a quote, “LIVING IN AMERICA!”. 5/17/24.

History teacher James Hogan has been teaching for over 20 years. He has stood out to me as someone that really cares. He is a football coach as well as an Army veteran. He always likes to share some of that wisdom with teachers and students. Hogan wasn’t always destined to become a teacher, and started college majoring in engineering. “I wanted to do engineering because all of my friends were doing it, but I sucked at math,” Hogan explained.

During his college years, he decided to try coaching youth football. He loved football, so this seemed like the perfect activity to keep his mind off of his classes. Almost immediately, he found his calling. He loved teaching children which led him to make the decision to switch his path. “I didn’t like math, science is cool but I didn’t want to teach it and reading wasn’t for me so I landed on history,” Hogan said.

He began teaching around 2001. During the years of 2005-2008, Hogan was on active duty in the Army, and then returned to teaching. Hogan believes a good teacher will make a good student. Even if the students like the teacher, they won’t always want to learn, and the best you could do is try. Engaging with students can make a huge difference. “Enthusiasm is contagious. If you want to teach, kids want to learn,” Hogan said.

His mindset is inspired by equality. He wants all people to find success.
“Don’t be offended and don’t take it to heart if students ignore you, roll their eyes, say things, and be disrespectful, because most of the time, if they’re angry or don’t like what they’re doing, it’s not always you. They can have other things going on. Take it with a grain of salt, and don’t take it to heart. Keep trying,” Hogan said. A great reminder for everyone to not take things too hard.

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