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Lucas Hoffmockel: The Kind Soldier

Natalie Soderlund
Teacher Lucas Hoffmockel teaches his class in room 1540.

Student and Self teacher Lucas Hoffmockel is one of the most amazing, kind, and respectful people in the school. Hoffmockel makes students feel welcomed by letting them know he is there to listen. In the hallways, he always says ‘hello’ or ‘good morning.’ He helps you with how to talk to adults and prepares you for the future. He makes his students intrigued and excited to see what’s next.

Hoffmockel teaches the class Student and Self.

“It’s a class for behavior. It focuses on emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness. It also is a class where you can talk about anything like what you’re feeling or what your anger is about,” Hoffmockel said.

He also says that by making his classroom free of judgment, it creates a safe environment for kids who don’t feel comfortable talking in front of the class. Hoffmockel gets to know the students better through personal conversations and empathy.

Junior Makayla Nelson is in Hoffmockel’s second hour Student and Self class. Nelson believes that Hoffmockel is preparing her for her future.
“There are days that are boring but the way that Hoffmockel teaches makes it fun. The Student and Self class focuses on building relationships, how to talk to people with kindness and how to respect people,” Nelson says.

Hoffmockel enjoys having Nelson in class, explaining that Nelson is an amazing person that he has enjoyed having in class each and every day.

Hoffmockel served six years in the Minnesota Army National Guard. That experience helped to increase Hoffmockel’s knowledge, skills, leadership, and teamwork.

Hoffmockel influences kids by helping them to feel safe and happy. He provides a safe place to talk and is a very kind hearted person.

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