Spartan Spin’s Influential People Awards

By Lily Holmquist and Aurora Doll, Reporters

This year the Spartan Spin decided on a new way to recognize the influential people of our school. The goal of this project was to shout out the people who aren’t always well known but continuously influence the people at our school.

The project began mid April. The Spartan Spin made lists of what characteristics classify a person as “influential.” Everyone who wanted to participate chose someone who they believed to be “the most influential person in our school” based on the listed characteristics. Some examples given were determined, helpful, and kind hearted.

Once the influential people were chosen, the process of narrowing down the top five began. Each of the Spartan Spin classes voted from a list of over 15 different people. In the end, five were chosen, and presented with a certificate from the author of their story.

The list included both students and teachers. Spanish teacher Allison Conley, counselor Amanda Kishish, junior Aidan Robbins, sophomore Wyatt Franzen, and science teacher Lee Sims were among the top five list.

Stories of all nominees and finalists are published on the Spartan Spin website, under the opinion section.