What a superior pair


Bobbijean Miller

Bobbijean Miller and Amanda Kishish posing for a picture after one of their high school games.

By Carissa Vagt, Reporter

Counselor Amanda Kishish and Keystone teacher Bobbijean Miller are taking on coaching the JV softball team for the first time this spring sports season. Kishish and Miller have played softball together since they were 10, and played all the way through college, and now since they no longer play softball they have decided to coach together.  

I’ve never coached before and I thought it would be fun and much less intimidating to have my first coaching position with my best friend,” Kishish said.  

Kishish and Miller have known each other since they were in fourth grade. They have gone on trips together, went to grade school together, and even went to college together. They have made so many memories with each other. 

“My best memory with Kishish is all the weekends we spend at the cabin. Every year since we could drive, we celebrate Kishish’s birthday in August at her cabin where we play games, go swimming, and spend time around the bonfire,” Miller said. 

Some girls on the softball team played for Miller last year, and now are getting to experience Miller and Kishish coaching together for the first time. With Kishish and Miller both playing different positions during their softball careers, they both have something different to bring to the table while coaching. 

One of the JV pitchers is sophomore Emma Lampton, having played on JV last year as well.  

“This year is different because Kishish was a pitcher so she is able to watch me pitch and help me fix what I need to for me to be better, and more consistent. Last year, Miller was able to help me, but [Kishish] was a catcher, so having it come from someone who was a pitcher is nice. And there are times when one of them will see something that I need to work on while the other person did not see that,” said Lampton.

You can see Kishish and Miller coaching during the 2023 season for the JV softball team, encouraging their team to constantly improve, and win, while also making new memories with each other.