Creative creatures at work


Photo submitted by Martin JezierskiJr

Maggots with remnants of paint on them from wiggling their way to making artwork for students during the creative creatures event at UMD on Feb 10.

By Nevaeh Clark, Reporter

UMD’s Teens Science Cafe had another successful event on Feb. 10. Seniors Martin JezierskiJr

 and Diedrick Nikoi are team leaders who helped this event run smoothly. The cafe was called Creative Creatures. Each group was given some bowls of paint, and then maggots. Maggots are all unique in how they wiggle around and the bumps on their body. Maggots were dipped in the paint, then placed on pieces of paper to make artwork. The paint did not harm the maggots. Students were nervous at first, but grew curious as the night went on. Lots of positive feedback from groups.

“It’s not as gross as it sounds,” Jezierski said. 

Courtney Larson was brought in to teach the group about insect ecology, and the way they operate. Students who attended the event got to keep their artwork too and bring it home. 

Now as the school year is coming to an end, both Jezierski and Nikoi are graduating which means their title of team leaders will retire. The team science cafe is looking for students to register for next school year for these events to stay successful for the community. 

“It’s a huge time commitment, but new leaders are needed,” Jezierski said. 

Each event has a “buffet” type for the food. UMD provides food for the students and is free of charge. There’s lots of different foods, and drinks offered to the students. 

“Meetings are every other Monday, and these hours go towards your volunteering for senior projects,” Jezierski said. 

If you are interested in joining this, and committing to these events contact Senior Diedrick Nikoi, Senior Martin JezierskiJr, or Senior project coordinator Caitlin Knoll.

Artwork made by maggots during creative creatures teen science cafe on Feb 10. (Photo submitted by Martin JezierskiJr)