New Drop-In Center in Superior opens for homeless and runaway youth


Jayme Ivy

The Human Development Center in Superior holds an open house of its new drop-in center for homeless and runaway youth on Tuesday, December 20.

By Jayme Ivy, Reporter

On December 20, Project Reach Out, a homeless runaway advocacy group based in Superior, held an open house to a brand new drop-in center at its location at the Human Development Center at 1500 N 34 Street, Suite 100. Project Reach Out Supervisor Tanya Nelson says that the drop-in center is a good spot for runaway youth and young adults to go if they find themselves in a dangerous situation such as a runaway.

“Runaway youth are one of the highest-risk populations to meet a trafficker, so we’re hoping that if they call us we can provide them with a safe, warm place to go until we can find a sheltering option for them, or reunite them back with their families,” Nelson said.

The drop-in center contains new amenities for youth to use while their current situation is being sorted out, such as a washer and dryer, stove, free store – containing food and clothes, free showers, internet access and more.

“The community has asked and has told us that this is something that is very important for our youth and our young adults,” said Katie Modin, runaway and homeless youth coordinator, and member of Project Reach Out.

Clothes are lined up on a rack in the free store of the new drop-in center at the Human Development Center building in Superior on Tuesday, December 20. (Jayme Ivy)

Project “Reach Out” is the only of its kind in the HDC, located in the Superior branch. Tanya Nelson has worked with the program for eight years.

“Now that we have our drop-in center, youth can access all the services in one building,” Nelson said.

Katie Modin, also a member of the organization and a runaway homeless youth coordinator, says that the services provided to homeless and runaway youth can be just as good as the satisfaction of knowing that there’s somebody out there looking out for them.

Amanda Eke from WDIO News (right) interviews Project Reach Out Supervisor Tanya Nelson on camera regarding the open house for the Human Development Center’s new drop-in center for homeless and runaway youth on Tuesday, December 20. (Jayme Ivy)

“A lot of the things we do for youth are referral services, but I feel like the most important thing could just be that person-to-person connection, and once that trust is built, then things can really start moving forward in a positive direction,” Modin said.

After the open house, the drop-in center is open from 3-7 PM, and all the same resources shown at the open house will be provided to them.

If you are between the ages of 12-21, live in the Superior area, and are experiencing homelessness or are a runaway, contact the HDC’s 24/7 helpline at (715) 394-9177. To check in for further updates regarding Project Reach Out and HDC, follow their Facebook page here.