New Principal at SHS


Aurora Doll

Aaron Fezzy working with students Carly Williams and Maggie Lehto.

By Aurora Doll, Reporter

Aaron Fezzey has made his return to the high school after being an assistant principal at Superior Middle School for the past three years. He started his new position on July 1 of this year. 

Fezzey took over for former principal Rick Flaherty when he moved over to be the principal at Lake Superior Elementary School. 

“I think always in my mind, somehow sometime, I thought, I wanted to make my way back to the high school,” Fezzey said. 

When asked about what made him decide to become a principal Fezzey said “When this opportunity came up, it felt like the right time to give it a shot.”

In regards to the major differences between working in the two schools, Fezzey says the main difference is maturity level. 

“Overall the job is the same, helping people get what they need, and get where they need to go,” Fezzey said. 

Fezzey says he feels that this year had an even smoother start than he could have hoped.

The majority of the teachers who were asked about how they feel about Fezzey becoming principal have said that it feels like this year has more structure and teacher support.

Fezzey stopped coaching football this year due to a lack of extra time but says that he still goes to games, and enjoys helping out on Friday nights.

According to Dean of Students Bryan Denninger, there have been four different principles during his time as Dean of Students.  He feels this year is off to a very good start.

“I feel really good as far as how this year began, I think kids came back with a lot more pep and a lot more understanding of what we’re trying to do here,” Denninger said.

Aaron Fezzey posing in front of spartan head (Aurora Doll)