Exclusive Three Take Music Theory


Bethany Roe

Senior Wyatt Tischler, Sam Lavin, and Junior Abby Betzler watch a video on musical concepts.

By Bethany Roe, Reporter

AP Music Theory is being taught for the first time this year. Choir director Jennifer Robbins is educating students about many new advanced musical designs and concepts. 

Robbins has been teaching for 21 years but this year earned her title as an AP teacher. This fall, three students and Robbins took on the adversities of the first music AP class. 

“It’s a really intense deep dive into music theory. Some people describe it as the grammar of music,” Robbins said. 

The class also offers sight reading, music history, singing, dancing and rhythm. Walking by the class you will hear students singing and Robbins playing on the piano. 

Looking at the future,  It’s not only exciting for the music department students but also for the interested students. Two 12th grader students, Wyatt Tischler and Sam Lavin aren’t involved in the school music department but still decided to take the advanced class to apply in their personal lives.

“I’ve always loved music and I took AP music theory to learn more about it and how it works so I can apply it when I make music,” Lavin said. 

Since the class only has three students, there is more individuality with learning these advanced musical concepts. Which seems to be working well for their class. 

“There’s only three of us in the class so I feel like it’ll be easier for us to get through things quicker,” Junior Abby Betzler said. 

The students are progressively working towards the exam next spring, Friday, May 12, 2023.

Jennifer Robbins poses in front of her classroom piano (Bethany Roe)
Senior Wyatt Tischler, Sam Lavin, and Junior Abby Betzler pay attention to their lesson. (Bethany Roe)