A Leader On & Off The Soccer Field


Cassidy Remington-Willis

Juniors Eli Benson, # 25 on the right, Cameron Bender, # 8 on the left, get ready to play while senior Aaron Johnson, #28 in the middle, prepares to pass the ball to another player.

By Alex Lane, Reporter

Senior Aaron Johnson is a captain on the soccer team. He is also the Student Council President and will be captain of the golf team this spring.

“A leader is someone who takes an active role in lifting up and directing the rest of their team or group. Taking charge and showing others what to do by example. They are also the ones who when the team takes a fall, pulls everyone together and helps them to keep going,” Johnson said.

Johnson leads along with Darrel James, and Diedrick Nikoi, as captains their jobs are to keep the team in check. They are also there to help coach Otto Birdy and to communicate with the referees and other players during soccer games.

Aaron Johnson said that his dad, coach Seth Johnson, is someone he looks up to as a leader. Coach Johnson has been coaching Aaron since he was 5-years old and is still coaching Aaron 12 years later.

“He also is a leader at his job at Amy’s Excavation overseeing and helping to design new projects going on in many different places,” Aaron Johnson said.

Senior Diedrick Nikoi, who is also a captain on the Varsity team, stated that Aaron Johnson is a hard worker and a positive influence. Nikoi says Aaron puts in the work, knows the game, and will listen to the coach, Otto Berti, bringing advice from the coach to the whole team.

Aaron says he would like to play soccer in the future. He would like to play on an intramural team during college, and then play on rec teams once he’s out of college. A rec team is a group of people who get together to play games whenever or wherever they can.

Senior Aaron Johnson poses in his #28 soccer jersey on Tuesday September 27, 2022 for the Superior High School spirit day. (Malique Bixler)
Soccer captains Darrel James, on the far right, Aaron Johnson, in the middle, and Diedrick Nikoi on the left, meet with the captains on the Cloquet soccer team on September 20, 2022. (Cassidy Remington-Willis)