Seniors power through homecoming powderpuff games


Kadence Moen

Seniors lineup to celebrate powderpuff victory

By Kadence Moen, Reporter

The champion senior team took their win by beating the junior team 8-0 at powderpuff Wednesday, Sept., 28.

Starting off the event, the juniors played the freshman. Juniors beat the freshman 36-0.

Next the seniors won against the sophomores 16-0.

“It was a very exciting experience to be able to be a part of this. The girls are all very inclusive,” Senior Emma Kern mentioned.

Powderpuff preparation really helped the teams get ready for the night. Each team had a group of football players from each grade coach the teams. 

The coaches wanted to carry on the tradition of dressing up but wanted to make it different this year. The senior coaches thrifted unique costumes to wear at the game.

“This year we didn’t really have a theme so we wanted to get a little money together and go and by some stupid stuff.” Wyatt Pahos, Senior Coach explained.

Ending the night, the seniors celebrated the powderpuff championship and success of it this year.

Seniors run out to introduce the second game of powderpuff.
Juniors huddle up during the first game of powderpuff.
Addison Aker holds the flag preparing for the first Senior game to begin.
Senior coaches Jack Rivord, Caden Lia, Bo Waletzko, Wyatt Culwell, and Wyatt Pahos pose in their costumes before the senior and sophomore game.
Junior Autumn Cooper rushes for a touchdown during the first game against the freshman.