Sophomore achieving many choir achievements


Amber Gilbert

Julian Robbins acting in Spongebob the Musical on May 9th

By Olivia Strand, Copy Editor

Sophomore Julian Robbins was accepted into Kansas State University’s Summer Choral Program this May. This summer choral program goes for one week in Manhattan Kansas. He will be attending from July 18 to July 23, 2022. Julian has earned the part of Squidward in The SpongeBob Musical performed May 13 to May 15, 2022. 

Robbins has been a part of choir most of his life. He has been a part of the Lake Superior Youth Chorus for seven years now. LSYC ranges from third grade to tenth grade students. With Julian being a sophomore this will be his last year in the program. Robbins has had many opportunities open up to him due to his skills, he mentioned that he has been a part of UWS Choirs and the Mesabi Symphony. He has also had experience with singing in musicals. In fourth grade Robbins had sung in the Superior Summer Musical which had been the Little Mermaid where he played the French chef. In the musical Robbins will be displaying his acting and vocal talents. He had a solo performance of the song I’m Not a Loser written by They Might Be Giants, during the musical.

“My parents have a very wonderful influence, they are both choir teachers. I am honestly very grateful that they are making me do things like choir, because it is fun,” Robbins said. 

Robbins also mentioned that he is also a member of Spartan Singers which is the schools top choral ensemble. He also stated that he doesn’t necessarily have a main influence because at the end of the day he is the one to make his goals happen. 

Julian’s mom, Jennifer Robbins is a choir director at the school he attends no doubt a positive influence on his musical aspirations. 

“I can’t remember a time when Julian wasn’t singing. Since he was a baby he was always very vocal. Our house is very musical,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer went on to say that her and her husband supported Julian by helping him practice the music along with helping him develop good practicing habits. She expressed how proud she was of Julian in both his choir and orchestra achievements. She also encouraged him to audition for the Kansas State University Summer Choral Program. Jennifer worked with the cast of The SpongeBob Musical to get all of the musical aspects ready. 

This program is entirely audition based. It was all virtual and you submitted a video of you singing a song of your choice. They ask for your gpa to ensure they select the most responsible and well rounded students. If they like how you sound and your gpa is high enough you are selected. After students are selected they get assigned a voice part for the summer. 50 highschool choir students will be accepted into this program from all around the nation. Each of these students will earn a full scholarship to attend and a $1,000 scholarship for Kansas State University. 

Throughout the summer choral program Julian will be able to participate in many different rehearsals and performances. In this program he can learn new leadership and teamwork skills in group performances. He will also be able to meet many new people who are interested in choir and learn new music. Julian’s main goal during this program is to gain new experiences and further develop his skills in the upcoming summer program.

While Julian hasn’t quite decided on what he would like to do in his future he is passionate about singing and music. He is very interested in biology and music so he sees those being possible options. He plans to continue this passion all throughout high school.