Spartan Fiesta showcases student work


Oliver Willie

Ceramics pieces created by art student Kali Lybeck being showcased at the Spartan Fiesta May 5.

By Oliver Willie, Reporter

Soft orchestral music accompanied the murmurs of guests in the busy gym. Tables and walls of paintings, photography, and ceramics filled what would be empty space. Students showed off their work to friends and family attending the Spartan Fiesta May 5.

The Visual Arts Department showcases works of any form made by students at the fiesta. The event also hosted a small orchestra ensemble and a scene from the spring musical, as well as ceramics pieces, photography, carpentry pieces, and traditional artworks. The event took place in the gym, and was open house, allowing visitors to come any time between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Art teachers Nikkee Francisco, Denise Carlson, and Candace Cushman hosted the fiesta. Cushman said that the fiesta has been a tradition for over 50 years. The fiesta takes place every May, but there wasn’t one the past two years because of COVID-19, Carlson said. This year marked the return of the event.

Students and teachers believe that showcasing art is important. Senior art student Mick Busche put a table together. They said that they like that it gives everyone of every skill level an opportunity to show off their hard work. 

“I believe the fiesta is very important. There aren’t a lot of events for the art department to get the attention they deserve. It’s just really nice to see the community get together to look at everything,” Busche said.

Another art student, junior Chloe Quick, participated in the event. She said that although she initially didn’t want to participate, she probably would have regardless because of her interest in the ceramics field. She also said she believes that it’s a good chance for students to share their works with the community.

Carlson said it’s nice for art students to have the opportunity to showcase their work and that it’s similar to how the performing arts have concerts and plays.

“I hope that this helped them become less critical of their work. I thought it was wonderful. Everyone did a great job,” Carlson said.

The teachers were pleased with the turnout. The gym was “pleasantly full,” Carlson said. Many sweet moments were shared, with students showing their work to their family, then showing their friends and peers’ work off as well, she said. Cushman shared similar news, saying that lots of friends and family came to enjoy the art. Visitors were excited about the event and the displays, she said.

Students also believed that there was a good turnout. Quick believed that although turnout was good, more people should have come. Junior art student Conri Ament said that he thought that the turnout was great. He said that people came to see and enjoy art, and exactly that happened. He hopes to participate next year

“Things actually went really well! There were a lot of people who showed up. I was nervous about the amount of people looking at my stuff, but I was happy to see the amount of people interested in the art,” Busche said.