Competition for workers wages on

Businesses around Superior are struggling to find workers so wages have been raised to grasp the interest of possible employees.


Xalia Raabel

McDonald’s is one of the many companies raising their hiring wage to recruit more employees.

By Robert Powell, Reporter, Copy Editor

Businesses around Superior have been looking for workers to fill open spots. Companies had to lay off their employees amidst heavy COVID-19 outbreaks, and citizens raised their standards when returning to work. Now that businesses are looking to hire more people, the employee drought has caused an increase in hourly wages. 

McDonald’s reaches $15 an hour for 16 years and older, but Erbert and Gerbert’s sits at $11 an hour. Options are open all over the town and employers are looking.

Employers with similar companies battle over workers by out-paying the other. Precision Tint and Detail on 1917 Broadway Street competes with Detail and Dash, and McDonald’s competes with other fast food restaurants. 

“At the start I made between $15 and $18 an hour at Detail and Dash, depending on how well I do,” senior Alex Velleux said.

Precision Tint and Detail, which opened Sept. 7, 2021,  is a new competitor in the battle for workers. The owner, Brent Dahlberg, pays his employees $14.25 or more, depending on the quality and efficiency of the working employee. Shifts at McDonald’s on Tower Avenue start at $15 for crew members 16 years and older; whereas places like Dairy Queen pay minimum wage for cashiers and servers, but $16.74 for crew supervisors.

The Chamber, an organization of businesses meant to improve all local businesses, helps students get jobs depending on how many jobs are available and the necessary requirements for the job. The Chamber’s website also includes an internal link with available jobs listed.