Bidens make stop in Superior


Dale Summerfield Jr.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden acknowledges Superior High School’s band on Wednesday, March 2, at the Yellowjacket Union prior to President Joe Biden speaking. President Biden was in town to speak about local infrastructure projects funded by his Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

By Dale Summerfield Jr., Editor In Chief

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden were in Superior on Wednesday, March 2. The President made the trip to Superior less than 24 hours after his State of the Union to talk about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and to talk about the ongoing crisis of Russia invading Ukraine. Biden stated in his speech that the need to replace the Blatnik Bridge was necessary due to its deterioration over the years.

“This bridge has an outdated design and tight curves that lead to higher-than-average crash rates on this bridge,” said Biden.

Throughout his speech, he continually emphasized the need for infrastructure and its importance to future generations of Americans. He said he believes that something should have been done sooner, but he is happy projects like the Blatnik Bridge restoration and Duluth’s highway interchange are finally being accomplished.

“Instead of Infrastructure Week we are going to have an Infrastructure Decade,” said Biden.

Eighteen members of the Superior High School band played prior to the start of President Biden’s speech. The audience was comprised of invite-only  attendees, which made the band’s inclusion even more special. Also in attendance was business teacher Donna Stubbe, who volunteered to work the event and afterwards shook the President’s hand.

Members of the SHS Band pose for a group photo prior to entrance at President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Speech on Wednesday, March 2, at the Yellow Jacket Union. The band performed nine different pep songs. (Dale Summerfield Jr.)