Superior strings synchronize sound


Claire Farnham

Orchestra director Jennifer Mattson leads the Superior Strings concert, Feb. 10. The concert is meant to bring all Superior orchestras together.

By Claire Farnham, Editor

The highest level orchestras from all three orchestra programs in Superior met to perform their annual Superior Strings concert at UWS, Feb. 10.

The program included the Eighth Grade Orchestra from the middle school, the Concert Orchestra from the high school, and the Chamber Strings from UWS. Each group performed one piece on their own, then came together to perform three pieces all together.

“It was really fun,” senior Lindsey Olson said. “We played the best we’ve ever played that night. Overall it was an exciting event playing with all three Orchestras.”

They performed pieces from Tangled and The Mandalorian, as well as other interesting pieces. Their finale was “Danza for Strings” by Vaclav Nelhybel.

The program is co-led by Dr. Erin Aldridge, orchestra director Amy Eichers, and orchestra director Jenna Mattson. The three have made many efforts to combine the orchestras over the years. For example, the Eighth Grade orchestra joins in the high school’s fall concert every year. Several SHS seniors have played in the UWS orchestra. Joining the orchestras together is an enriching experience for all.