New face leads hoops team


Kanayoliseh Onwudiegwu

Superior calls time out as sophomore Tresean Sanigar hits a big time three to give superior their first lead in the game. The score was 41 – 44 with five minutes left to play in the game.

By Kanayoliseh Onwudiegwu , Reporter

Winning a state championship has been out of reach for the boys varsity team since 1974. Since hiring new head coach Kory Deadrick, players continue to hope to qualify for the tournament.

Senior Evan Bennett views Deadrick’s coaching style and voice towards the team as a tool that is driving them forward in a better direction. The team has an intensity in practice that has been implemented in games. Bennett says the varsity team has been very engaged with Deadrick’s coaching style.

He has been helping us throughout the games and practice, just giving us tips on how to get better [as a team],” Bennett said.

Deadrick was one of many coaches that applied for the head coaching position. The school’s Activities Director Ella Olson said that the hiring committee was looking for a coach that would not only coach the team hard, but would also have great knowledge of the game. The committee felt that Deadrick embodied all of these qualities.

“We focused on the ability to connect and build relationships with high school students, the ability to handle the stress and preparation of high school basketball, and overall knowledge of the game and situations. Coach Deadrick exemplified all of that,” Olson said.

Although Deadrick has coached higher levels before, becoming the head coach for Superior is special for him, as he considers Superior home.

“I have been a head coach numerous times at the AAU leveI. I think [the team] has a lot of potential. We have good kids, we got good administration, and it’s a good basketball community,” Deadrick said.

Deadrick hopes to create a good relationship with the players. He hopes to help players fulfill their personal goals for the season. Deadrick also hopes to get the community involved and excited about the season.

“I just like being in the gym, I like working with kids and I think this is a pretty sweet job,” Deadrick said. I think my commitment and what I do in trying to help my guys be as successful as they can be and challenge them.”