Cheerleader’s performance leads to National Performance


Grace Hansen

Senior Addy Ranta stands in front of the Spartan Pride wall in her nationals uniform by N3 doors on Nov. 17. Ranta is preparing for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Hawaii.

By Grace Hansen, Reporter

Senior Adriyana Ranta was nominated for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Hawaii as a member of the All American cheer team. The event was held Dec. 7.

In preparation for the parade, Ranta was allowed to practice the cheers by herself and could not share them with anyone. The dance she learned was made up of 46 eight-counts.

“It’s really hard for me to learn by myself. I’m a hands-on learner and I have to learn in person by another human,” Ranta said.

Ranta had to go through tryouts in order to qualify for the All American team. This tryout was held in Two Harbors, Minnesota. There were four different schools that attended and around 20 different girls that tried out. 

Over the span of two days, the cheer team learned different stunts, dances and cheers. Although Ranta tried out with her team, she individually received the top score out of everyone participating. Ranta was scored on jumps, spirit, tumbling and the cheer itself. 

“She always gives it her all even when she is frustrated, and she never gives up. Those attributes really helped Addy when trying out,” head coach Andria Murphy said.

Throughout the three days at camp, Ranta was first recognized for her leadership skills. She was noted for helping other teams with the routines and helping all of the teams come together with bonding activities. 

“Addy helps out a lot, she wants us to do our best even if it’s not her level of best,” co-captain Lucia Fedyn-Brue said.

Ranta has been in cheer since she was in 9th grade. Prior to her freshman year, she played volleyball for seven years. 

“The first year I joined was in freshman year winter season. I didn’t make the volleyball team and previously I did dance, so cheer was the next closest thing to dance,” Ranta said.

When Ranta first tried out for cheer, she made junior varsity, then the following year she made varsity. For first year cheer participants, this is very uncommon. 

“Addy was proving to us that she really really wanted it and she was trying her hardest, even putting in work at home, which is always noticeable to me as a coach. It is very clear she puts every bit of her heart into cheer,” Murphy said.

Fedyn-Brue and her teammates feel proud to have an All American teammate, and are very supportive towards Ranta and her achievements.

“I’m hoping Addy brings back stories to tell, different ideas from other people, and insight on what other teams are doing to help us. Whether it be practices and games, also just the satisfactions of being able to go for herself,” Fedyn-Brue said.

Ranta had never been to Hawaii before, so this was a new experience for her. Along with Ranta, her mother, father, sister, and grandparents attended the cheer competition.

“I’m excited to meet new people from all over the country,” Ranta said before the competition.