District-wide mask mandate now in effect


Laleh Rassa

Students eat lunch in the Commons, some wearing a mask and some not, Jan. 11, one day before the mandatory mask mandate was reinstated by Superintendent Amy Starzecki.

By Natalie Sandor and Laleh Rassa

As of Jan. 12 students and staff throughout the entire district are now required to wear masks in schools and at sports events. 

Superintendent Amy Starzecki included this change in policy on the Jan. 11 daily announcements for the high school, as well as in a post on the school district’s Facebook page. The rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant post winter-break encouraged this new mask mandate. 

Given what has occurred across the country regarding the new Omicron variant, rates are predicted to continue to increase in our community and it is likely we have not seen the peak in cases yet,” Starzecki said.

There will be masks available for students and staff at N1, N3 and E16. Students will be sent home if they refuse to wear masks. The Spartan Shack is also reducing their mask price from $7 to $5 as of Jan. 12. Furthermore, masks are to be worn at all school-related events.