Have you ever hit a vape?


Simon Stewart

A box full of vapes that have been confiscated from students at SHS. 76 out of 251 students who responded to a survey indicated that they have vaped at some point.

By Simon Stewart, Reporter

Vaping is an issue that staff and students are both working to resolve. Vaping in the bathrooms has been a growing problem recently, as it causes fire alarms to go off more frequently, interrupting class time and causing stress. 

The school offers two recovery programs for addiction. The first program, the ‘in-depth’ program, is offered after a first time offense. The second, a cessation program, is offered after many offenses.

“Cessation means an ending, so the tobacco cessation group is a group to help people stop smoking/vaping,” school social worker Jane Larson said.

The programs seek to help students with their addictions.

“It’s an opportunity in our school that other schools don’t offer,” Larson said.

The ‘in-depth’ program consists of four one-hour-long sessions every Monday. The class helps kids avoid peer pressure in school and helps change their behavior around vapes in school. Students can choose to take the class, or are given the option to take the class after a first time offense. 

The tobacco cessation class is a ten week group. Typically for both programs, small groups of 3 to 5 attend each day.

“I believe kids should take the class if they are addicted. Nicotine affects your health, affects the way you perform in sports and it affects your overall work ethic,” junior Cole Stallsmith said.

Stallsmith, who is open about his struggles and is currently taking the ‘in-depth’ program, encourages people to seek help. Stallsmith is an athlete and hard-working individual, and knows the types of effects nicotine can have on your body.

In a survey sent out to all students about cigarettes/e-cigarettes, 76 out of 251 students admitted to using one or the other. Many indicated that they were curious, wanted to relieve stress, or wanted to feel the buzz. Of the 76 who admitted trying it, 23 students said they use it daily.

Vaping will continue to be a problem at SHS, but our staff is working hard to eliminate the problem and help those struggling with addiction.