High sliding incident leads to hospital visit


X-ray of Sophomore Tucker Reuillle’s broken hip and the screws in it.

By Caden Ostman

Sophomore Tucker Reuille crashed and broke his hip in a flat track dirt bike race, while on the last corner of his second race, Sept. 18.

“On corner four, my back tire lost traction in the loose dirt from the track, causing it to slide out until it aggressively gained traction again causing me and the bike to flip over,” Reuille said. 

This type of accident is called high sliding. When Reuille first got up after the crash, he did not feel much pain, but he did notice his hip moving in and out as he tried to use his leg.

“It felt like a knot was tied in my hip,” Reuille said.

When Reuille was helped off the track and medical staff were able to assess his condition, the medics told him that it was very unlikely that anything was broken. However a few hours later, with continued discomfort and odd bruising, his mother decided to take him to the hospital. 

While at the hospital, Reuille learned that his hip had broken and surgery was needed. Reuille had three screws and a plate put into his hip. Reuille had anticipated a crash like this eventually as he has been participating in action sports since he was very young. 

Recovery for Reuille was six weeks on crutches and monthly doctor check-ups to be sure the hip was healing properly. 

Although Reuille’s summer racing season was cut short, the ice racing season is right around the corner, and Reuille will be fully recovered and back on the bike for it.