Skating through the season


Caleb Stank

#10 Senior Kell Piggott practices hard in preparation for the first hockey game at home against Menomonie on Nov. 23.

By Brayden Simmons

Every athlete you look at in high school has a story, this is just Kell’s. 

Football and hockey are two of the bigger sports at the high school, and senior Kell Piggott participates in both. Piggott enjoys both, but hockey is his main sport. He skates indoor and outdoor throughout the whole year to get ready for hockey season. 

“In the fall, I skate about twice a week indoors, and in October and November I’ll skate outside if the weather permits,” Piggott said.

Hockey is very important to Piggott as he’s played the sport since he was 5 years old. He played youth hockey all the way through 8th grade. He’s played on the high school hockey teams since freshman year.

“Historically, Piggott has been an excellent student in school, he’s a strong performer in the classroom, a very polite and respectful young man, he’s got a very good educational future ahead of him,” head varsity hockey coach Jason Kalin said.

Piggott’s dedication to his schoolwork and his sport is what keeps him on top.

“You can’t hold a GPA like what Kell has without having some of the skillsets of time management, prioritization, and other things you would need to have a solid education like Kell has,” Kalin said.

Piggott had aspirations to win state after assisting the team in their semi-final game against Lakeland. A loss against St. Mary’s Springs in the finals cemented that goal, and became something Piggott strives towards every day.

Piggott has been dreaming of this season his whole high school career. The couple weeks of offseason can be difficult for athletes, but Piggott excels and stays on track in the classroom, along with working out and preparing.

Sports are a big responsibility for student athletes. The determination, dedication, and mental toughness it takes to balance everything out in life as an athlete is a testament to their abilities.