Aaron Johnson: The Stresses and Benefits of his Extracurriculars


Martin Jezierski

Aaron Johnson, who is on the soccer team, is going for a shot at the goal during practice on October 22, 2021. Johnson gets up early at 10:00 A.M to go to practice and works to get better.

By Martin Jezierski, Reporter

Junior Aaron Johnson recently played for the boys varsity soccer team, who won their first playoff game, hosted at the Superior High School Sports Complex. The end score of the history-making game was 5-1. They were the 3rd best team in the Lake Superior Conference this year.

Johnson played center defender in midfield, known as a stopper. He moves up with offense, and supports both sides of the midfield.

Games can be tough, but Johnson has help from fellow teammates like junior Diedrick Nikoi, and when Johnson’s head isn’t in the game, he has someone to talk to.

“He will sometimes come to me with grievances against decisions that have been made, and I support him with those types of things or have him see another point of view,” Nikoi said.

Johnson also does his part in Interact club by helping organize charitable events and gathering ideas about future ways to help the community. The Interact club is best known for doing community projects, with the most recent example being Socktober. The club had been trying to collect socks for local shelters like Harbor House and CASDA.

Johnson also participates in Student Council. One of their more recent events was Homecoming week. Getting the assembly set up and working in a matter of a week was challenging for Johnson and his fellow Student Council members.

“As soon as school was first starting, we were trying to set up our assembly for Student Council because it was coming up very quick so we didn’t have a ton of time,” Johnson said. “I was feeling a little bit stressed out by that, but we got it all taken care of and put back together.”

Johnson has several strategies to overcome his busy schedule. When stressed about extracurriculars, he talks to his mom, Angela Johnson, who is a chemistry teacher at the school.

“He is pretty open with me when he is getting stressed about it, and so we sit down and try to brainstorm together how we can make whatever he is trying to accomplish work,” Angela said.

But Aaron also gives help. Abby Gavin, a junior and fellow representative on the Student Council, says something that she has learned from Aaron since being on Student Council together.

“I think something that I have learned from him is how to maintain a friendship without having to be super close friends,” Gavin said.

Aaron has been involved with many other activities since childhood. He has been golfing since age four and playing soccer since age five. He later started taking the role of a leader at school when he joined the middle school Student Council at the age of 13, and has run with it ever since. 

The chances to make friends and gain relationships from being involved with all of these activities have been beneficial to Aaron, and will continue to be throughout the rest of Aaron’s high school years.