Mesmerizing performance by orchestra


Alaina Edge

Middle school student Matthew Youngberg (left) and senior Lindsey Olson (right) perform Ear-igami.

By Alaina Edge

As the crowd hushes to a whisper, instruments from violins to cellos tune to prepare for the upcoming arrangements they are about to play. 

The orchestra held their annual fall concert in the PAC on Oct. 25. The students ranged from 8th grade students to 12th grade students. Their performance was energized and lively.

I had almost forgotten how much energy a live audience gives the musicians and the conductor! It was really exciting,” Middle school orchestra director Jennifer Mattson said.

Mattson explains how they weren’t very nervous, but grateful to the students and their families for providing support and encouragement to each other. 

The orchestra played 12 songs, some in separate grades and some together with multiple different groups playing as one. The last song, Ear-igami, was played with all orchestra members. 

“We fold paper on stage to pluck and ‘bow’ our strings, and at the end, we get to throw the paper and it looks like confetti!” Mattson said. She said she was excited, feeling that the outcome of the last song would leave a final impression with the audience.

Students seemed to have the same excitement over this year’s orchestra. 

“I always liked orchestra but this year, for some reason, I’m kinda loving it. More than usual, which is kinda weird,” senior Lindsey Olson said.

Olson explained how she liked the exciting and fast paced songs they were able to play for their mesmerized audience.

While excitement was a common theme between Mattson and Olson, some other students faced different issues.

“It was so much nicer but it was also a different challenge because, instead of just playing for yourself, you’re playing for other people. That has new anxiety that comes forth,” sophomore Julian Robbins said. 

Anxiety was also raised for the 8th grade students that were added to the concert. Mattson explains that the 8th grade students hadn’t played since their 6th grade year.

“The last time they played in front of an audience, they were playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!” Mattson said.

“It felt so much better to be with people, by people,” Robbins said. He explained how it was nice to be able to meet the 8th and 9th graders that he worked with, along with seeing other classmates that he hasn’t been able to perform with.

The orchestra truly deserved the applause they received, and hopefully will have an even louder applause for their next performance.