The new senior project


Emma Burm

New Senior Project director Caitlin Knoll instructs a student in her office. Knoll is a new member of the staff, who has been a part of implementing some of the changes in the Senior Project requirements.

By Cole Stallsmith, Reporter

This year, the school has a new face: Senior Project Director Caitlin Knoll, who moved up from the Middle School. As the director, her job is to coordinate students’ Senior Projects. She has already made some changes to help students with their project, and to push students forward with their career paths.

“This is the first year that the senior project has components with 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade,” Knoll says.

This year every grade is required to have a certain number of community service hours to complete their projects and be able to graduate. 

Many students don’t like the fact they have to do the senior project in the first place, mainly because of how many community service hours they have to log. Because of their jobs and sports, many feel they do not have enough time to complete the hours. 

“I don’t like the fact of the senior project. I’m never available to have time,” Senior Kylie Larson says.

Many students have not begun the planning process yet. There is a petition put up by students on, where students are signing and voting to stop the senior project from happening in all grades. 

Other students, like Senior Brayden Kurtz, either have a plan for or have already begun their community service hours. 

Despite what students feel about the project, it remains a requirement for all SHS students.