Student council’s fright night


Rebecca Aleshire

Student Council member Lily Walrath dressed up as a clown and scaring students in the Haunted Hallway. This was one of the Fright Night activities.

On Thursday, Oct. 28 2021, student council hosted Fright Night at the high school.  It started at 6pm and went until 9pm. The night consisted of Pumpkin Painting, the Haunted Hallway, and a showing of the horror movie, A Quiet Place, at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center.

Students could walk down the Hallway in groups of five max and see a variety of spooky rooms like the Clown Room and Doctor’s Office (complete with a screaming patient and hidden doctor with a jump scare).

Highlights of the night included Sky Spratford’s winning pumpkin, Melodie Dolsen’s pumpkin in second, and Adam Matic’s in third place as well as the spontaneous round of applause at young Beau Abbot’s death scene in A Quiet Place.