The Advisory Clubs Return


Drawn by Megan Westlund

Clubs are returning from past years.

By Payton Preo, Reporter

Clubs are now available to all students every Thursday during advisory with choices ranging from Basketball to Witchcraft.

This year a Google Form survey was sent asking students what clubs they wanted and who they wanted to supervise them. According to Principal Rick Flaherty, soliciting the students was likely motivated by the recent graduation statistics, which are not as high as the district would like them to be.

“One of our goals at the high school and throughout the district is to make sure all students graduate from high school,” Flaherty said. “If students are connected to the school and have a group, something that they belong to, they are more likely to graduate.”

The goal, according to Assistant Principal Haglund-Pagel, was to have at least 10 students per club, due to the overwhelming number of students compared to teachers. 

“We know some kids can’t necessarily do stuff outside of school,” Haglund-Pagel said. “There’s kids who have jobs. There are kids who have little brothers and sisters to take care of. So we wanted to re-establish something that happened during the school day that gave kids the chance to connect with each other and staff.”

Students have now joined a club that they will be a part of for at least six weeks. After six weeks, the administration would give students the option to stay in that club or switch to another club.

The decision to only have clubs once a week was made in order for students to learn what they need to during advisory on other days of the week. 

“It is just one day right now. As we progress through the year, if we’re able to cover all the things we need to during the advisory time, and we feel that we could open it up to another day, then we would consider that” Flaherty said.

“I’m looking forward to that time during the day, when you’re with people that you enjoy, and it’s not part of a class or anything like that,” said senior Jackie Stumpf, who was involved in drama club at SHS before the COVID-19 lockdown.