Drama Club Records Spring Film


Amber Gilbert

A photo showing some of the costumes that were created for this movie, as well as some of the COVID precautions that were taken into place.

By Laleh Rassa , Reporter

Amber Gilbert and Cheri Tesarek directed a Spring film called “Saturday Ghost Club” this year with help of students. Andrew Kirov who is a video autographer and Luke Moravec who wrote the script and was also hired by Gilbert. There were three main leads of the story, who were played by junior Jackie Stumpf, junior Xalia Loreti and senior Thomas Chicka. The movie premiere is scheduled for May 22 at 7 pm. The film will be for sale as a DVD which people can order online and pick up at the Main office. 

It was a very different way of directing, and I learned a lot about the process of filming,” Gilbert said. 

Luke and the drama club did a zoom meeting to share opinions and get ideas which led to a spooky adventure script which is Luke’s strength. He experienced lots of challenges while writing this script which was a drafting process. He then sent his first draft to the drama club to get some feedback.

“It was really exciting to get asked by Amber and to start a new project,” Moravec said. 

The script written by Luke Moravec, depicted the colored costumes that the three main characters were meant to wear. There are a few scenes that were more fantasy but overall the movie happens now so the costumes are more modern. Also for some costumes, the tech crew was able to incorporate masks. The costumes were all designed by Cheri Tesarek, and tech crew helped Tesarek to make the costumes and find/repurpose them. While some actors brought in pieces from their own closets. 

It was a very different way of directing, and I learned a lot about the process of filming. I got to think about acting in a brand new way, I am so excited for everyone to see the awesomeness of this movie,” said Gilbert.

An image of a set piece giving an example of what they look like. (Amber Gilbert )

Kirov was in charge of recording this movie with the use of a few different types of equipment. He had borrowed a Panasonic HD camcorder and some quality microphones from UWS. Kirov used an Adobe Premiere Pro which is a video editing software. They had recorded 50 scenes altogether from March 27 to April 24.  The movie was filmed at a few different locations in the school like in the locker bay and near the soccer fields.

“I think it’s a tremendous experience for the students because it gives them a new experience even during a pandemic,” Kirov said.  

Three friends have met every Saturday since second grade. When Celeste’s older brother tells them the story of Grace Porter which leads them to more than they bargained for. In the story of Grace Porter objects around town are mentioned and each friend goes to find one object. Since this is a choose your own path movie, there are many paths but only one leads to a happy ending.

 “I love this because we haven’t done anything like it before, It is a choose-your-own adventure story so after every scene the audience gets to pick which way to go, but only one path is the correct one,” Xalia said. 

There are three main characters/friends and they are Paisley, Celeste and Jace. Celeste is played by Jackie Stumpf and Celeste’s personality is very optimistic and enjoys being with her friends. Jace is always on edge, skeptical and sassy as well. Thomas Chicka plays Jace in this movie. Finally Paisley, who is played by Xalia Loreti. Paisley is the intelligent and ambitious one out of the three friends.