Student Council hosts in person movie trivia night


Jayden Ketola

Senior Student Council President Faith Lach (right) is standing next to senior Mara McGillis (middle) and senior Sydnie DeMeyer (left) getting ready for the Movie Trivia Night Kahoot questions on Tuesday Mar. 29.

By Jayden Ketola, Publisher/ Reporter

Just recently the SHS Student Council hosted an in person event for students. It was a Movie Trivia Night that happened on Tuesday Mar 29, it was a 100 question Kahoot with questions that students answered about many different movies from over the years. 

The event consisted of 40 in person participants as well as 18 online participants who joined virtually through google meets. The in person participants were seated in the SHS commons area to allow for social distancing protocols. 

“Because the event is in the commons, we are using the lunch tables, which are marked off for 2 students per table and allow for social distancing,” said senior Student Council member Sydnie DeMeyer. 

During the event students would answer questions like any other Kahoot. During every 10th question there was a drawing for a gift card that one student would win. At the end of the Kahoot there would be three major prizes and they would be given to the top three winners of the Kahoot according to Student Council President Faith Lach. 

First place winner was senior Jake Edwards, second was senior Jordan Stangland, and third was sophomore Evelyn Warring according to DeMeyer. The first place prize was a JBL waterproof bluetooth speaker, a portable cornhole/ bag game set, a $20 Chilly Billy’s gift card, a s’mores making set, as well as some hand sanitizer and candy. Second place prize had a smashball game set, a set of UNO game cards, as well as a $20 Love Creamery gift card. Third place prize was a portable ping-pong game set as well as a Spartan water bottle. Both second and third place prizes came with hand sanitizer and candy. 

Overall the Movie Trivia Night hosted by the Student Council was a success. Lach says that it feels good knowing that Student Council events can safely be hosted during the pandemic, and that it has been hard to plan in person events this year due to the strict COVID guidelines. Student Council Advisor Nikkee Francisco says that it has been very difficult to plan in person events this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“the student council members have worked really hard to talk with their peers through surveys and conversations along with staff to see exactly what we can do that meets the parameters and safety guidelines,” Francisco said. 

The Student Council is happy that they can finally host events in person once again. Later this spring they may be able to hold a Spring Assembly outdoors.