‘Empire Coffee’ business climbing


Duluth East student Clare Rhoads is pictured outside of Empire Coffee.

By Jamar Walker, Reporter

With businesses shutting down and some places even closing the doors for good, finding a safe place to eat is difficult. Many businesses are fighting to stay open, however, one such place is Empire Coffee. Located off of Tower Avenue, this friendly cafe is finding a way to make dining out safe, while keeping a vibrant atmosphere for its customers. This atmosphere has drawn in many customers but the most typical customers now are highschool and college students. 

“While it was hard at first, we’ve seen a lot more business since COVID started, mostly highschool and college students,” said Aryana Buck, owner of Empire Coffee.

Empire Coffee has arrangements to keep customers more than 6 feet apart, such as a spacious walking room as well as spaced out tables. This is why customers feel safer and more at ease when dining in. While it is good that they offer safety, that’s not all they offer. As far as coffee, their pricing is much lower than the standard prices, this is to cater to the adults and students alike who are low on funds due to COVID-19, but still looking for a good cup of Joe.

Clare Rhoads, a Duluth East High school student often frequents this coffee shop. It has a wide range of tasty beverages, including teas and sodas. Rhoads not only cares about her coffee but also cares about safety measures in our ever-changing crisis.

“My favorite feature is the openness and space so that there is more than 6 feet of distance,” stated Rhoads.

While in-store business is increasing the real profit has come from online. Many customers who had no idea Empire Coffee has a website https://empirecoffeewi.com/ have now switched to having their favorite items delivered. Due to the pandemic, online purchases have flourished. Empire Coffee has made it so those looking to get out of the house can go to a cozy cafe, and those that wish to enjoy their drink inside can still have full access to their favorites from the comfort and safety of their homes.