How COVID-19 affects Spartan Choir

By Laleh Rassa, Reporter

The Choir has changed a lot this year because of COVID-19. Choir classes are now inside and outside. They have increased the use of technology since they can’t sing with masks on. They also learn notes inside while wearing masks and go outside to sing without masks. 

Jennifer Robbins has been the Choir director for three years. Choir classes still take place in the choir room but with fewer students. This year there are only 49 students in Choir. In class, they find the pitches and use hand signs which are called Solfege. Afterward, they go outside to practice singing without masks. Robbins uses a google classroom recording which has her or Bortnem singing a few lines for the students to hear. 

“The students are doing awesome due to the changes we had to go through,” Robbins said.

For concerts and performances, the school district gets sent a google meet on a certain date and a certain time. They are able to watch it live or watch it later. 

The songs the students are learning right now are Breaths by Ysaye M. Barnwell, Domaredansen by Anton Armstrong and Drew Collins, Nine Hundred Miles, And You Are Not Alone, She Sings by Amy Feldman Bernon and La Paloma Blanca. In the next performance, the Spartan Choir is making another video singing Breaths. The song, Breaths is a poem about life and the students are currently learning sign language for the song.