Cross Country adapts to COVID


Wyatt Tischler

Boys top eight varsity runners take off at Lester Park Golf Course Sept. 24. Two of the varsity runners, Junior Noah Lawler and Sophomore Jason Bruzek, are seen wearing gaiter masks, to prevent COVID-19 from spreading at the event.

By Wyatt Tischler, Reporter

This year has been an interesting one, especially for the Superior Spartan Cross Country team. Due to the pandemic spread of COVID-19 arriving in March, the cross country team has had to make some adjustments to their season. For starters, at cross country practices all runners must wear masks when within six feet of another runner. However, on long runs, when runners are separated they are allowed to remove their masks. 

“There has been a lot of adjustment and reminders needed, but we’ve figured it out for the most part,” head coach Lee Sims said. 

Masks have become an important part of these meets. Anyone coming to observe and watch the meets must wear a mask, along with runners. Participants must wear a mask except when a runner passes the 100-meter mark of the race.

Only 24 runners, not including coaches, are allowed to ride the bus, for the bus company only allows one person to a seat. Therefore if more than 24 runners must ride the bus, the team will need more than one bus. However, team members are allowed to drive themselves and only themselves to the meets, if they fill out a certain form signed by their guardian. 

Due to COVID-19 meets can only consist of three other teams. Unlike the past where teams were allowed to have between five and seven teams. Meets are located all around the twin ports in areas like Spirit Mountain, Lester River Golf Course, Proctor Golf Course, etc.

While the team is still able to compete every Thursday, this season has been slashed due to the fact that runners can no longer participate in state or sectionals.

Races have also been starting in waves to limit contact between participants. The seven fastest from each team will start first, then the next seven fastest, and so on.

This year’s cross country team features 42 Spartans. Coaches include head coach Lee Sims, who helps the boys, and assistant coach Lindsey Smith, who helps the girls. Captains on the CC team include Girls: Alexa Brokaw  (Senior), Hallie Barker (Senior), and Kailey Roeber (Junior).