Students try to find entertainment despite increased boredom


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Junior Kaden Kimmes

Junior Kaden Kimmes, throws a football into his basketball hoop at home from 40-50 yards. This is a way for Kimmes to entertain himself at home. Kimmes plays football, basketball, and baseball for the Superior Spartans.Steve Kimmes

By Matt Nault, Reporter

During these boring times, people are struggling to entertain themselves. There are lots of different ways for people to entertain themselves during this time but we all still make the excuse of  “there is nothing to do, I’m bored.”

Two students from the Superior High School help us show that trying something new during this time can help us fight off the boredom we may feel at times.

“To keep myself busy and entertained during this time I have been making videos on Tik Tok. Currently one of my videos has 186,000 views,” senior Gunnar Hansen said.

Hansen started his Tik Tok account during the Quarantine to help pass time and to help prevent some boredom he may have at times.

Tik Tok is a video sharing social networking app that anyone can use to share their dance moves, funny videos they created and more.

While some may be using Tik Tok others are using some creative ways like doing trickshots to have some fun during these times.

Kaden Kimmes, a junior at the high school, has started doing trickshots in his yard while quarantined. This is something new for Kimmes and something that keeps him busy throughout the COVID19 quarantine.

“I’ve been keeping myself entertained by doing trick shots at my house, one of my trick shots got put on Fox 21 news,” said Kimmes.

Kimmes said that the Trick Shot only took him 20 minutes to do, the trick shot was pretty impressive. Kimmes threw a football from 40-50 yards into his basketball hoop.

If you don’t like creating trick shots or Tick Toks, there is still so much you can do to keep yourself entertained. For example, you could go on a walk, run, bike ride, clean, watch movies or tv with family, play video games, etc. If you are really bored here are a 100 more ideas to keep yourself entertained,  from USA Today’s Website.