New club time name


Cole Glaus

Freshman Jorden Hoffman practices for archery during the Half Hour Power Hour Feb. 14. This time is used for clubs and support advisory, a lot of students use this period to socialize with friends in the commons.

By Cole Glaus, Reporter

The new time for clubs and advisories to occur currently takes place between second and third hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Spartan Spin was chosen to help select a new name for this time period. 

Spin sent out a survey on Feb. 4 asking students for recommendations on naming this new time period, to which 51 students responded. The Spartan Spin chose what they thought were the best names and sent out a survey on Feb. 5 asking students to choose their favorite. The second survey received 130 responses. 

The results ended in the name Half Hour Power Hour winning with 24% of the votes, while Activity Period had 21%, Period of Chillin’ had 20%, 2.5 Hour had 17%, Club N’ Learn had 11%, and coming in last was Club Time with 7%. 

Sophomore Paige Hansen chose Half Hour Power Hour because she believes that it stands for all it says. She also admired the fact that even though it’s not a full hour, you still have the power to choose where you go and what you do during the half hour.

“I believe that with the new advisory time it gives me extra time to work on more advanced skills,” Paige Hansen said.

Principle Rick Flaherty accepted the new name Half Hour Power Hour because he knows the school offers many different clubs, including archery, Pledgemakers, FCCLA, and DECA. The school also offers tutoring during this time.

“The people can choose to be in for the different clubs and activities where they can get support for their learning when tutoring is needed,” Flaherty said.