Varsity boys’ hockey win home opener against Marshall Hilltoppers


Kaydence Young

The Boys’ Varsity Hockey team get together in a group hug after their 5-2 win against the Marshall Hilltoppers Dec. 3. This was a bounce back for the boys, losing both of their previous away games.

By Kaydence Young, Reporter

The boys varsity hockey team celebrated their 5-2 win against the Marshall Hilltoppers with an emotional, whole group hug Dec. 3. This was a bounce back for the boys because they lost their first two away games against Eau Claire Memorial and Notre Dame De La Baie Academy. 

The first point was scored by Jaxon D’Auria in the second period (Carter Pettit).

Later on, Freshman Carson Gotelaere brought it in. (Pettit). This was both of the boys’ first goals as varsity hockey players.

“I wasn’t really expecting to get one this early. I was super excited and I’m glad I did,” Gotelaeare said.

In the third period, the Hilltoppers started to catch up with a 2-1 ratio. However, they were quickly knocked out at 7:08 by Gunnar Hansen (Sean McCoshen), and another goal by Ethan Welch, (Gotelaere and Mason Stenberg, 6:20). This was also Welche’s first varsity goal. Another score by the Spartans was also made at 5:33 by Pettitt (Kalin), right before the Hilltoppers could make the final point at 1:34.

“The win versus Marshall was a big step in the right direction for a very young squad.  We struggled this past weekend in the Eau Claire tourney against some top ranked Wisconsin opponents but we felt like the team improved every period we played. We put some things together against Marshall and witnessed some promising play from our underclassmen,” Varsity coach Jason Kalin said.

Kalin also said that with small adjustments to focus, the boys have high potential to be a top contender in the Lake Superior Conference, as well as the state championship. Their next game will be Nov. 5 at the Wessman arena against the Proctor Rails at 7 p.m. 



Superior………. 0-2-3

Marshall……….. 0-0-2

Marshall outshot Superior 13-36. 



First Period – 26. Brendan Pfahl, Marshall, (Rough), 0:41. 29. Carter Kalin, SHS (trip), 9:38.

Second Period – 37. Drew Nelson, SHS, (Slashing), 9:29. 27. Vance Johnson, Marshall, (Interference), 7:24. 10. Xavier McNulty, Marshall, (X-Check), 16:54.

Third Period – 21. Carson Gotelaere, SHS, (interference), 14:07. 17. Carson Mehling, Marshall, (game misconduct, unsportsmanlike conduct), 7:18. 5. Dakota Oman , Marshall, (Cross checking), 5:52. 23. Sean McCoshen, SHS, (slashing), 5:53. 28. Blake Bachand, Marshall, (Interference), 5:15. 3. Charlie Kleinschimdt, Marshall, (unsportsmanlike conduct), 3:34. 9. Gunnar Hansen, SHS, (unsportsmanlike conduct), 3:34.