Advisory should be reduced to one day a week


Brianna Thorson

Junior Chesie McLaughlin

By Chesie McLaughlin , Reporter

Even though I’m not supposed to, every Tuesday and Thursday I find myself falling asleep in advisory. Advisory is supposed to be helpful, but it is more of a waste of time. Administrators at Superior High School have added an extra day of advisory only having Lunch and Learn 3 days a week. 

Along with being in a forced “study” hall two days a week, if I need help that day I’m not allowed to leave to go get help from those teachers. Even with the three days, we are given to get help from the teachers they only can help one lunch because they either have support advisory or being forced to supervise somewhere in the school. 

Even in these advisory days, we are required to plan out our future and find jobs even if we have other work to do. Since all teachers are doing this already why isn’t it counting as a credit or why isn’t it a class that is required? 

Last year was ideal for the student body, out of 304 students surveyed almost 70% of them preferred the system for advisory last year over this year. I can’t blame them at all! I agree that our advisory days should be cut back down to one day a week. 

To me, advisory isn’t anything but a social hour. It is a social hour instead of its intended need to build relationships with my advisors.  

Is advisory really serving its true purpose or is it a waste of time for students and their advisory teachers?