Business teacher, DECA coach transfers into counseling


Ben Hunter

Heidi Sigfrids discusses a schedule change Sept. 11 with senior John Tran in room 1186. Story

By Ben Hunter, Reporter

Starting this summer, Heidi Sigfrids made a change in her position from being a business education teacher to becoming a new counselor, replacing Isaac Moll. Before taking the position as a counselor, Sigfrids taught marketing, she was also in charge of the DECA club along with Christa Kalin. 

“I’m definitely excited and happy that I am staying in the building, that way I can still see the students I’ve taught in the past,” Sigfrids said. 

The biggest change she has noticed is that her day is less structured because the bell no longer determines what she must do next. 

Early on in the school year Sigfrids has had multiple interactions with students. One of these students, senior John Tran, needed a schedule change.

“Mrs. Sigfrids is very polite and made my schedule change quick and easy. She does her job very well and is quick and to the point,” Tran said. 

Interactions with the students is a huge component of being a counselor. It’s clear that her experience as a teacher has strengthened that skill, making her new job much easier. 

Sigfrids said that she is happy to support DECA even though she is not able to be a part of the club anymore. Business teachers Christa Kalin and Tara Hansen will be running the club this year. 

“I’m glad because the club is in good hands,” Sigfrids said.

According to Sigfrids, the new job will be a challenge and learning experience for her. She said she is happy with new tasks and looks forward to interacting with all of her students.